A Victorian era horror game.

It is said that a Earl lives in a dark mansion.

Of him it is said that he can grant any desire and so great is his power that the very death does not dare to cross his domains.

But everything has a price … will you be willing to pay it to get your purpose?





Lamentum is a pixel art survival-horror game that takes place in New England in middle of the 18th century.

You will play the role of, Victor, a young aristocrat looking desperately for a cure for a rare disease.

The game will focus on the exploration and resolution of puzzles, but without forgetting the action and combat.


About the team




Developing this game is a small team of two persons known as Obscure Tales, based in Spain.

Also, we have the collaboration of Black Light Sound our fantastic musician, in charge of music and sound effects.


Why a pixel art survival horror?

We love survival horror games and we love pixel art too XD.

Both of us in the team have previous experiences with different types of games, but the genre that we like the most is the horror and … why not do something that we really like?




Thanks for reading about our project.