— I N A N I M A — Be part of something that will change the future of humanity.

INANIMA is a classic survival horror experience with a pixel art aesthetic. Solve puzzles, investigate secrets, and face nightmarish creatures as you fight to keep your life and sanity safe.

Jacob Miller’s life is a mess, with no future.

The proposal to participate in the last stage of a strange pharmaceutical trial could be the opportunity to change the course of his life.

During the ten days of total isolation that the trial will last, the participants will undergo a physical and sensory stimulation program based on a new way of understanding biogenetics.

The Spira Pharmaceutical facilities await you.

Be part of something that will change the future of humanity.


  • Detailed Pixel-Art aesthetic.
  • Classic Survival Horror experience.
  • Survival Horror combat system with a wide variety of weapons.
  • Terrifying enemies with behaviors that will adapt to the environment.
  • Use resources to upgrade your weapons and equipment.
  • INANIMA will have different endings depending on Jacob’s decisions during the game. We want INANIMA to be a replayable experience and a challenge to obtain the best possible end.


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