News January-February 2020

Hi! These last two months have been very productive and we have made great progress in the development of Lamentum. We have added new mechanics and we have polished important aspects of the game thanks to the feedback we have received from you. For us the quality of our game is the most important thing … Continue reading News January-February 2020

News August 2019: fixed bugs and new demo 1.1.2

During the last weeks we have been working on advancing the main development of Lamentum, the main course of the plot and fixing bugs. We have focused on fixing the bugs that you have sent us through the feedback of the demo. Thank you so much for all the comments and opinions!

Digital Art Book of Lamentum

The digital artbook of Lamentum will contain the concept art, previous versions and final versions in pixel art of the enemies, characters and important items of the adventure.

The Sightless Wanderer

"One, two, three... All the coins for me! Hee... Hee..." You can find this NPC in the deepest part of the area known as The Library...

Introducing the Red Queen.

"The Red Queen awaits her blood sacrifice and we should not make her wait" The Red Queen is one of the important characters you will find in Lamentum.