Lamentum, Decisions will mark your path | Dev Log

We continue to work hard in Lamentum and today we would like to talk about the importance of decisions in our survival horror.

Lamentum already has a Steam page

Lamentum already has a Steam page We would appreciate it if you would support us adding us to your wishlist!

Dev Log: 10 Improve Lights

One of the most representative changes with respect to the previous trailer is that we have improved our lighting system by combining our shader to illuminate diffuse materials with particles and the truth is that we liked the result.

Lamentum – New Trailer | Pixel Art Survival Horror

Lamentum is a pixel art survival-horror game that takes place in New England in middle of the 19th century.

Dev Log: 9 Inventory and Item Box

Hi! These weeks we have been focused on completing the development of the inventory and the item box (wooden chest). As good survival horror our inventory will be limited and we will have to manage it well. The inventory has nine spaces. The first three are special, the objects that we place in these positions … Continue reading Dev Log: 9 Inventory and Item Box

Dev Log: 8 Hiding System

Hi! The last days we have been working on a new game mechanic, hiding from the enemies. In Lamentum combat will not always be the best option. Sometimes hiding will be vital to survive.   Our character can use the environment to go unnoticed, however not all enemies can be deceived in this … Continue reading Dev Log: 8 Hiding System

Dev Log: 7

Hi! In today's dev log we want to show the changes we have applied to the game's light and particle system. Among the improvements we have achieved we can highlight: Improved contrast between dark and light areas (avoiding a collapse of lights and optimizing their performance). Greater depth to the light according to the … Continue reading Dev Log: 7

Dev Log: 6

During last week we have been ending the routes system and pathfinding of the enemies. We have also been working on the attack system of the enemies.

Dev Log: 5

Hello! During the last few weeks we have been advancing in the development of the game and we have been focusing in the development of different AI for the monsters of Lamentum. Mainly, the AI of the enemies is programmed like a state machine that it could split in three: - Normal State - … Continue reading Dev Log: 5

Dev log: 4

Dev log: 4 Hi!! After the release of the trailer we are focusing on the development of the map and the enemies...