News May-June 2020

Hi everyone!

First of all we apologize for the delay in publishing a new dev-log.

During June we participated in the Steam Games Festival event, which has given us a lot of visibility and a lot of feedback on the Lamentum demo.

New demo on Steam

Hi! We already have a new demo on Steam with the first playable hour of Lamentum. If you feel like playing the prologue, you can visit our Steam page: We hope you like it! Any feedback is welcome šŸ™‚ Discord Server: _____________________________________ Hola! Ya tenemos una nueva demo en Steam con la primeraContinue reading “New demo on Steam”

News March-April 2020

Hi!! These months are being complicated due to the global situation, we want to take this opportunity to send you a message of encouragement and we sincerely hope that you are well. Before starting to talk about the news of the last months of work, we have created a Discord channel to have closer communicationContinue reading “News March-April 2020”

News January-February 2020

Hi! These last two months have been very productive and we have made great progress in the development of Lamentum. We have added new mechanics and we have polished important aspects of the game thanks to the feedback we have received from you. For us the quality of our game is the most important thingContinue reading “News January-February 2020”

News August 2019: fixed bugs and new demo 1.1.2

During the last weeks we have been working on advancing the main development of Lamentum, the main course of the plot and fixing bugs.

We have focused on fixing the bugs that you have sent us through the feedback of the demo. Thank you so much for all the comments and opinions!

Lamentum – Let’s talk about the AI | Dev Log

In the devlog of today we are going to talk about AI in depth since last week we have been very focused on improving and expanding this topic.

Lamentum, Decisions will mark your path | Dev Log

We continue to work hard in Lamentum and today we would like to talk about the importance of decisions in our survival horror.

Dev Log: 10 Improve Lights

One of the most representative changes with respect to the previous trailer is that we have improved our lighting system by combining our shader to illuminate diffuse materials with particles and the truth is that we liked the result.

Dev Log: 9 Inventory and Item Box

Hi! These weeks we have been focused on completing the development of the inventory and the item box (wooden chest). As good survival horror our inventory will be limited and we will have to manage it well. The inventory has nine spaces. The first three are special, the objects that we place in these positionsContinue reading “Dev Log: 9 Inventory and Item Box”

Dev Log: 8 Hiding System

Hi! The last days we have been working on a new game mechanic, hiding from the enemies. In Lamentum combat will not always be the best option. Sometimes hiding will be vital to survive.     Our character can use the environment to go unnoticed, however not all enemies can be deceived in this way.Continue reading “Dev Log: 8 Hiding System”