First 24 hours! THANK YOU!!

Thank you very much everyone for your support and diffusion!

We have reached 8% in the first 24 hours, you are amazing!

We will continue to work hard during the campaign to make Lamentum a reality.

The project has had very good acceptance among the specialized press to which we are very grateful!


We want to take this first update to say that if you have any questions or questions do not hesitate to write us ūüôā


Lamentum live on Kickstarter


Hey everybody!

We are glad to announce that we have launched a Kickstarter campaign!

You can secure your early bird price and other fantastic rewards here:

If you like the game share and spread the word. We will thank you very much!

Obscure Tales.

Lamentum – Let’s talk about the AI | Dev Log


We have not been able to upload a dev log for a while, but it is not because we have frozen but, on the contrary, we are advancing and improving Lamentum day after day.

In the devlog of today we are going to talk about AI in depth since last week we have been very focused on improving and expanding this topic.

The AI ‚Äč‚Äčof our enemies has been programmed as a state machine and we have developed it through independent modules so that we can create different patterns of behavior following some basic rules.

The states on which our AI is based are:

– Inactivated: The AI ‚Äč‚Äčis not active in the scene, it needs an external factor to start.
– Rest: The AI ‚Äč‚Äčis active but has no objective.
– Alert: AI can move between routes with points of interest.
– Attack: AI in action fighting.

They may seem like basic states but these allow us to have different types of AI depending on the type of enemy, for example, some enemies in the Attack state will seek to reach the target according to their range of action while other enemies will maintain distance because their role is to spawn new enemies.

We previously showed how our AI was behaving in motion and explained that we had programmed a raycast system that would allow it to detect if the direction of movement was adequate or if it had an obstacle and needed to reposition itself to move forward. This in theory worked fine but not as well as we would have liked, in some cases with several enemies simultaneously strange situations were generated and some corridors with enough obstacles did not take a clear route and could lead to loops, so we have discarded that part and we have implemented a pathfinding algorithm that in turn takes into account the size that we want to define our enemies.

We have simulated a quite rare situation with several equal enemies in the same room, although we really doubt that such a case is in Lamentum, we wanted to put this algorithm to the test and we liked the results:



The good thing about having structured the AI ‚Äč‚Äčinto independent modules is that by discarding a part of the work that we had before with the raycast movement system, we did not have to redo the entire AI since it was only the module that we used for the movement. In fact the previous system we have left to some enemy that we want to look more “dumb”.

Lamentum, Decisions will mark your path | Dev Log


We continue to work hard in Lamentum and today we would like to talk about the importance of decisions in our survival horror.

From the beginning of the development we were always clear that Lamentum has several finals available depending on the decisions we choose while we play. But… How are decisions made in Lamentum?

During your gameplay, you will meet several characters that may influence the course of the story and that will force us to decide what we want to do.

Some decisions will be presented through a system of elections in the dialogues.

The Lord of the Maggots

But this is not the only way to make decisions in Lamentum … To whom will you give the object? Which way will you choose? Did you solve the puzzle correctly?

We do not want to make spoilers but your way of playing will influence the story…


Lamentum already has a Steam page! ! Support us by adding to your wishlist!!



Lamentum already has a Steam page


Lamentum already has a Steam page

We would appreciate it if you would support us adding us to your wishlist!



We have also updated our website with much more information about Lamentum

Dev Log: 10 Improve Lights

We had been some time since we wrote a devlog, the main reason is that we have been working on a new trailer.

Do you like it?

One of the most representative changes with respect to the previous trailer is that we have improved our lighting system by combining our shader to illuminate diffuse materials with particles and the truth is that we liked the result.

The main reason why we have worked on creating our own shader for the treatment of light instead of using the Unity lighting system is for the performance. When working with 2D pixel art graphics we do not need the light computations that generate the Unity lighting system by default and we can use a greater number of simultaneous lights with a lower cost of performance, this led us to consider… How did we get that the light had a little volume? The answer is the particles, with a bit of love we have managed to make the lights have more visual presence in the scene apart from the main objective of light, illuminate.


Instant√°nea - 2.png

Lamentum – New Trailer | Pixel Art Survival Horror


Lamentum is a pixel art survival-horror game that takes place in New England in middle of the 19th century.

You will play the role of, Victor, a young aristocrat looking desperately for a cure for a rare disease.

The game will focus on the exploration and resolution of puzzles, but without forgetting the action and combat.

Follow us:


About the team:

Developing this game is a small team of two persons known as Obscure Tales, based in Spain.

Also, we have the collaboration of Black Light Sound our fantastic musician, in charge of music and sound effects.


Dev Log: 9 Inventory and Item Box


These weeks we have been focused on completing the development of the inventory and the item box (wooden chest).

As good survival horror our inventory will be limited and we will have to manage it well.

The inventory has nine spaces. The first three are special, the objects that we place in these positions can be used immediately by pressing the quick access


Another thing that we have finished is the item box (wooden chest) . In certain areas we will find a wooden chest where we can store objects in an unlimited way.


Also, we have improved the interface of the game, always bearing in mind the possibility of playing with keyboard + mouse or with a controller.



Dev Log: 8 Hiding System


The last days we have been working on a new game mechanic, hiding from the enemies.

In Lamentum combat will not always be the best option. Sometimes hiding will be vital to survive.



Our character can use the environment to go unnoticed, however not all enemies can be deceived in this way. Some creatures will use other senses to find you and sometimes it can be a very bad idea to turn off the lamp … ūüė¶

Features of the hiding system:
– New hiding points (e.g. Furniture).
– You can not hide with the active lamp.
– You will not be able to move while you’re hiding.
– You can not hide from all types of enemies, some can detect you even hidden.
– Hide is an option, you choose your way of playing.

Dev Log: 7


In today’s dev log we want to show the changes we have applied to the game’s light and particle system.

Among the improvements we have achieved we can highlight:

  • Improved contrast between dark and light areas (avoiding a collapse of lights and optimizing their performance).
  • Greater depth to the light according to the layer in which it is placed.
  • Color enhancements in light sources.
  • Better control of the intensity and flicker of the lights.
  • Particles of dust.
  • More detailed rain.
  • New climatic effect, lightning.
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