Dev log: 4


After the release of the trailer we are focusing on the development of the map and the enemies.

The material we are showing is in development and it is not the final version even so, we hope you like it and as always we would love you to give us your feedback.





Animations of enemies:




Creative process of enemies:



We are uploading the development progress on Twitter every day:

Dev log: 3

Hi world!

In these last weeks we have come a long way and we have many news that we would like to know what you think.

1: Quick access buttons from the inventory:


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Dev Log: 2

Hi world!

We are very happy with the latest advances we have added to Lamentum. This time we have focused on gameplay system and enemies.


1: Combat system:

Surviving will be important in the game. The space in the inventory is limited and managing your objects will mean the success or failure for the adventure.


Melee combat:

2: Diary:

We have added a diary where our protagonist will note down the events that happen on his journey. It will also serve as a resource for some puzzles.

3: Combine objects system:

4: physics system:

Some objects can be dragged.

5: New camera effects:

6: Dialog system:

7: New Enemies:

We are uploading the development progress on Twitter every day:

Dev Log: 1


We’re working hard in Lamentum. These days we have focused on the development of two new locations:

1: The Forest

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