Digital Art Book of Lamentum

The digital artbook of Lamentum will contain the concept art, previous versions and final versions in pixel art of the enemies, characters and important items of the adventure.


It will also contain history, lore and facts that will help to better understand the origin of creatures and inhabitants of Grau Hill.


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The Sightless Wanderer

“One, two, three… All the coins for me! Hee… Hee…”

You can find this NPC in the deepest part of the area known as The Library.

The Sightless Wanderer.gif

This strange character surrounded by candles will ask us for help to recover some coins that, according to him, were stolen.

You can find these coins hidden throughout Grau Hill. But… Will you return them to whoever claims to be their owner?


The coins seem to be very valuable and maybe there is someone else interested in them.

Introducing the Red Queen.

“The Red Queen awaits her blood sacrifice and we should not make her wait”

The Red Queen is one of the important characters you will find in Lamentum.


His domains are under the area known as the cemetery and it is said that his thirst for blood is only overcome by his hatred of the Lord of the Maggots and his henchmen.

The Red Queen

In Lamentum we have several special NPCs with their own motivations. Partnering with some of them can cause others to consider us enemies … so you should have care in whom you trust.

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First 24 hours! THANK YOU!!

Thank you very much everyone for your support and diffusion!

We have reached 8% in the first 24 hours, you are amazing!

We will continue to work hard during the campaign to make Lamentum a reality.

The project has had very good acceptance among the specialized press to which we are very grateful!


We want to take this first update to say that if you have any questions or questions do not hesitate to write us 🙂

Lamentum live on Kickstarter


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